Recycled Belt from Upcycled Bicycle Tube in Green – Orange!

Belt made from recycled materials – Supersoft Bike Tube Belt for yourself, your beloved father, boyfriend, husband or brother!

Firstly, all Felvarrom inner tube belts are made from carefully selected, recycled bicycle inner tubes we have collected from local bike shops and individuals. Than handwash all, they become clean, the belt won’t stain your pants. Finally colourful linen tapes sewn on the side by our own hands.
Besides the extremely durability our biketube belts are very soft, and doesn’t stretch. Moreover the thick flip-top buckle is adjustable, doesn’t need holes, and doesn’t hurt the surface of the inner tube or the strips.

Vegan, Handsewn BikeTube Belt with FREE Belt Pouch!

For every belt a FREE pouch made of recycled inner tubes included – usable for glasses (sunglasses), tool or tissue holder. No animals hurted during the manufacturing process, so all our recycled belts are cruelty-free and vegan. Moreover we focus to keep our manufacturing process sustainable and eco-friendly – for example we use earth-friendly detergents for cleaning.

Felvarrom Recycle 12 Wornout Innert Tubes to Make a Recycled Belt!

During the manufacturing process we have to sort a lot of bicycle inner tubes – most of are not usable to sew belts from them. These are, of course, delivered to the right recycling facility. Overall we can make a belt of approx every 12 pieces of bike tubes we collected from local bike shops. Moreover we focus to keep our manufacturing process sustainable and eco-friendly – for example we use earth-friendly detergents for cleaning.



Width: About 40 mm / 1.3 inch

Length: individually for your waist (all versions include a Shortening Guide to cut at home)

Weight: About 250 g, depending on length



Belt length: S= 41 Inches (fits for waist up to 34 Inches)
Belt length: M= 45 Inches (fits for waist 34-37 Inches)
Belt length: L= 49 Inches (fits for waist 38-41 Inches)
Belt length: XL= 53 Inches (fits for waist 42-46 Inches)


Belt length: S= 105 Centimeter (fits for waist up to 86 Centimeters)
Belt length: M= 115 Centimeter (fits for waist 87-94 Centimeters)
Belt length: L= 125 Centimeter (fits for waist 95-104 Centimeters)
Belt length: XL= 135 Centimeter (fits for waist 105-120 Centimeters)

If don’t know how long belt you need: please order a 135 cm / 53 inch! Than we will send you a 5 step shortening guide how to cut the belt at home, just scissors and a lighter required – or please download the guide here: Shortening Guide


Pattern definitions:

PATCH: an inner tube puncture fix patch (from the previous life of the inner tube) will be on the recycled belt

TEXT: original text from the manufacturer of the inner tube will be on the surface of the belt, like size “26x 1,90” or “Made in Czech Republic”

PATCH + TEXT: there will be a puncture fixpatch and text from the manufacturer on the belt

NO PATCH + NO TEXT: it’ll be a plain belt, there won’t be any patch or text


Before purchase an inner tube belt please note that the picture above shows one of the belts, not exactly that one you will get. Because we make the belt from recycled materials the inner tube’s patch or text location can be different.

Finally: the price refers to one piece, VAT is included.


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I don't know the proper length, it will be a present. What length do I need?
Take an XL one, we send a Shortening Guide to every belt. It's a 1 minute guide how to cut the belt at home quick and properly to get a perfect belt.

Is this recycled belt stretching?
No, there are some sewings inside, and the linen tapes on the side makes the belt very strong.

Will this belt stain my pants?
All our belts made of carefully cleaned inner tubes so no, it won’t.

No holes on the belt? Why?
The buckle bites the belt everywhere it closed on. Holes not required.

Ok, but the buckle teeth will cut the tape and the inner tube!
No, the buckle’s teeth aren't sharp, they don't cut.

May I surely have patch and text on the belt?
Sure, just pick the option you would like to have!

What is that belt pouch usable for?
Originally it’s the package of the belt. Sometimes people use it as glasses / tissue holder, tools organizer even as purse(!). You always get a pouch if you buy an inner tube belt.