Passport Holder for Men from Recycled Bicycle Tube in Green!

Passport Holder for Men, designed for travel! It fits to the back pocket of your jeans perfectly! Moreover, the wallet is a clear mark in everyday life – you are eco-friendly!

We collect wornout bicycle tubes and tyres from local bike shops and individuals to handsew our super soft and extra durable wallets. After handwashing the biketubes all inner tubes they become clean, so at the end of the manufacturing process the purse won’t stain your pants. Strong, colourful linen tapes sewn on the sides by our own hands.

Biketube Passport Holder for Men for your Documents, Cards, Change and Paper Money!

All passport holders have 2 card slots, a zip pocket for coins, and one long slot for paper money, Euros and Dollars fit in perfectly. Additionally, all card slots could hold more than one card in each easily.

During the manufacturing process we have to sort a lot of bicycle inner tubes – sadly most of them are not usable to sew wallets. Of course we deliver the unuseful ones to the right recycling facility, and we can make a wallet of approx every 30 pieces of bike tubes we collected. Most of the tubes are not enought wide for a passport purse.

Passport Wallet – Sustainable, Vegan & Eco-Friendly Apparel for Him!

Reclaimed bicycle inner tubes are sustainable, vegan and eco-friendly alternative to leather. It will get lovely smooth and shiny over time. No animals hurted during the manufacturing process, so all our recycled belts are cruelty-free and vegan.



Height:  9 cm / 3.5 inch

Width: 11 cm / 4.3 inch (closed width)

Thickness: 2 cm / 0.8 inch (empty thickness)

Weight: About 75 g, depending on thickness of the inner tube

Pattern definitions:

PATCH: an inner tube puncture fix patch (from the previous life of the inner tube) will be on the passport holder

NO PATCH: it’ll be a plain purse, there won’t be any patch on the passport purse


Luckily, becouse of the recycled rubber material our wallets are drop resistant. Please wash on 30 Celsius!

Handsewn in Budapest.

Before purchase an inner tube wallet please note that the picture above shows one of the wallets, not exactly that one you will get. Since the wallet is made of recycled materials the inner tube’s patch location can be different.  

The price refers to one piece, VAT is included. No coins or paper money included.


6 reviews for Passport Holder for Men from Recycled Biketube, Green

  1. scott peter

    Upcycled and eco product. Clever idea! Nice and useful items.

  2. scott peter

    Upcycled and eco product. Clever idea! Nice and useful items.

  3. Crystal

    Good size! Fits everything inside. Comfortable to use

  4. Will

    I will order again from Felvarrom. I love eco brands. Great job Guys!!

  5. Nickie

    Just updated my Felvarrom collection with this blue passport holder. Can not be happier.

  6. Bame

    Simply stylish. Made a great gift for someone who loves sustainable accessories!

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Looks like new. Really upcycled?
Really. We collect the wornout inner tubes, clean them and sew the wallets. They are really clean, that's why look new.

Will this wallet stain my pants?
All the wallets are made of carefully cleaned inner tubes so it won't.

I have lots of cards, will they fit in?
Every slot could hold 4 cards easily. That's minimum 16 cards, our personal record is 28. Wish you luck to beat us!

Imagine a brick. Ready? C'mon, do it. So it's a brick. Massive and hard to chew. Wallet is durable like that.

There are some cash on the pics - will I get them also?
Absolutely! We have special, invisible cash, we will drop some in your parcel!