Glasses Case from Recycled Bicycle Tubes, in Yellow!

Our case would be your perfect partner for taking care of you glasses or sunglasses. First of all, we design them to be extra protective and durable, thought it should protect your beloved apparel during travel. Thanks for the black bicycle tube we use on the outside they won’t get dirty easily, and they are waterproof also. As small detail we sew a hook on it – you could hang it on with the attached carabiner (included).

All our unique inner tube glasses cases are made from carefully selected, high-quality, recycled bicycle inner tubes we have collected from local bike shops and individuals. Than, after one-to-one handwash all become clean, it won’t stain your clothes.
Besides the extremely durability our biketube cases are very soft, and doesn’t stretch.

Unique Sunglasses Case – Keep Your Glasses Safe!

Focusing on avoid getting dirty easily we sewn black lining to the inside. As more detail we attached a there might be a puncture fix patch on the outside

Felvarrom Recycle 5 Wornout Inner Tubes to Handmade One Case!

During the manufacturing process we have to sort a lot of bicycle inner tubes – most of are not usable to sew cases from them. So we take the unuseful ones to the local recycling facility. So, at the end we can make a case of approx every 5 pieces of bike tubes we collected from local bike shops.


Length: About 18 cm / 7 inch

Height: About 10 cm / 4 inch

Width: About 9 cm / 3.5 inch

Weight: About 70 g, depending on the thickness of the inner tube

Pattern definitions:

PATCH: an inner tube puncture fix patch (from the previous life of the inner tube) will be on the surface of the case

NO PATCH: it’ll be a plain bag, there won’t be any puncture fixpatch

Handmade in Budapest.

Bike tube glasses cases are made of recycled materials so the inner tube’s pattern, patch or text could be different. 

Sunglasses are not included!

The price refers to one piece, VAT is included.


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Glasses included?
Nope, we cannot make upcycled glasses. Our next project.

Yup! Tested.

I can’t imagine how big is the case!
If you don't have a special sunglass it'll fit in.
Get one without logo?
 No, sorry. We are proud of our products and brand, so for the recycled purses also.