Duffle Bag from Recycled Bike Tube in Navy Blue!

It’s is perfect for the daily commute, afternoon exploration and weekend adventure. dEvery one of our handmade bags exhibits superior craftsmanship and attention to detail. Made from carefully selected, high-quality, recycled bicycle inner tubes we have collected from local bike shops and individuals. After one-to-one handwash all duffle bags become clean, this bag won’t stain your pants. The inner side is black, avoid getting dirty. Double zip-pockets and heavy duty fixtures define this multi-purpose bag. The adjustable shoulder straps provide a comfortable fit and are easily removable! All ornamets are from reclaimed bicycle chains.

This Felvarrom Rubber Bag Will Keep Your Belongings Safe!

Extremely durable, non-stretchin bike tube bags. The zip puller is handcleaned, recycled valve. No animals hurted during the manufacturing process, so all our recycled bags are cruelty-free and vegan. The colorful outside is thick, heavy duty 320 g/m cordure.


Felvarrom Recycling 25 Wornout Innert Tubes to Make a Sport bag!

We sort a lot of bicycle inner tubes during the manufacturing process – most of are not usable to sew bike bags from them. Those we deliver to the right recycling facility. We can make a bike bag of approx every 25 pieces of bike tubes we collected from local bike shops.



Length: About 50 cm / 19.7 inches

Height: About 28 cm / 11 inches

Width: About 26 cm / 10.2 inches

Weight: About 950 g, depending on the thickness of the inner tube


The bag is washable by hand, on 30 Celsius. Drop resistant! Handmade in Budapest.

Before purchase a bike tube bag please note: the bag is made of recycled materials so the inner tube’s pattern, patch or text could be different.

No coins or auxilary items are included.

The price refers to one piece, VAT is included.


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Coins included?
Sure, a hundred from the invisible version.

Durable? Yup! We check every piece with our own eyes after sewed.

The valve is too shiny. Really recycled? Really, we remove the rubber from the collected valve using one of our TOP SECRET production tricks.

I can’t imagine the size of the purse! Like your hand. Like your phone. Like the half of a quarter of two medium sized bricks.