Cyclist Jewelry Earring from Biketube for Women!

Cyclist Jewelry Earring – one of a kind, lightweight, perfect present earrings! Ideal gift for cycling lover or recycle enthusiasts woman!

Upcycled and 100% vegan, eco-friendly, eco and sustainable jewellery. All earrings are waterproof, have a soft curve. Becouse of the handmade process every pair is different. Moreover we send the small earrings stoppers with the product, it’ll stay in your ear safely.

Jewellery from Recycled Bicycle Tube!

All our recycled earrings are made from recycled bicycle inner tubes we have collected from local bike shops and individuals. Than, after one-to-one handwash all recycled earrings become super clean, so it won’t stain anything. Moreover we focus to keep our manufacturing process sustainable and environmental-friendly.
Besides the extremely durability all our jewellery are very soft and lightweight.

Felvarrom Recycling 2 Wornout Innert Tubes to Handmade a Cyclist Jewelry Earring!

During the manufacturing process we have to sort a lot of bicycle inner tubes – most of are not usable to make earrings from them. These are, of course, delivered to the right recycling facility. Overall we can make an earring pair of approx every 2 pieces of bike tubes we collected from local bike shops.


Width: about 2.5 cm / 1 inch

Length: about 6 cm / 2.4 inch

Please clean the earrings on 30 Celsius, by hand. Handmade in Budapest, Hungary.

Before purchase a recycled earring please note that the picture above shows one of the earrings, not exactly that you will get.

The price refers to one pair, VAT is included.

2 reviews for Cyclist Jewelry Earring from Biketube, TubeFeather

  1. Stephanie23

    Loved these earrings! Bought for my daughter who is very happy with them! They look great and will be ordering more items without a doubt!

  2. Andie

    they’re such great quality and so adorable thank you so much!! ??

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Looks like new. Really upcycled?
Really. We collect the wornout inner tubes, clean them and make the earrings. They are really clean, that's why look new.


Is it heavy?
Depends on what do we call heavy - but no, it's not.

Come on - it's an earring. You are a man looking for a present for a woman, right?

Do you have in different size?
Nope, just one size