Bicycle Keychain from Recycled Bicycle Chain!

Bicycle Keychain – made from one section of well cleaned, recycled bicycle chain. Ideal gift for cycling-enthusiast and eco-conscious people. It’s a small, but definite sign of your devotion on your split ring: you’re a cyclist.

We collect wornout bicycle tubes, tyres and metal parts from local bike shops and individuals to make thes chain keyholders. After handwashing all chains become clean, so this cyclists keyholder won’t stain your pocket. At the end of the manufacturing process we string the bicycle chains for a metal keyring – voila!

Sustainable, Eco-friendly and Vegan Bicycle Keychain!

A Bicycle Keychain would be an ideal present for eco-conscious woman – as a sign she takes care about environment. Also it would be a great gift for Cyclists: they could contact to their hobby in everyday life. Moreover we suggest for children: it helps to remember they should carry their keys. No animals hurted during the manufacturing process, so all our cyclists keyholders are cruelty-free and vegan. Keyring included

Felvarrom Recycling 2 kgs of Thrown-out Chains to Make a Bike Keychain!

During the manufacturing process we have to handle tonnes of metal – most chains we get are rusty and too oily to make chain keyholders from them. So we take the unuseful metal to the recycling facility. And, at the end, we recycle ~2 kgs of metal to make a Cyclists Keychain.


Material: Recycled / upcycled, colorful bicycle chain. The keyring is nickeled metal.

Width: 4 mm / 0.16 inch

Length: 10 mm / 0.4 inch

Weight: 5 g

Color options:

Black, Yellow, Blue, Light Blue, Orange, Red, Silver, White, Apple Green, Purple, Pink.


Before purchase a bicycle chain keyholder please note the keyholder is made of recycled materials, so the final look could be different. 

The price refers to one piece, VAT is included.

2 reviews for Bicycle Keychain “1”, from Recycled Bicycle Chain

  1. Pete

    I’ve totally fell in love to the green!

  2. Lein

    Love these keyholders! Got a red!

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Painted by you?
Nope, painted in the chain factory. Years ago. In a far-far away galaxy.

Really upcycled?
Yes, we collect used chains, clean and choose the best to handmade these little keyholders.

Like a T34. Just easier to put in a pocket.

Will this keyholder stain anything?
All our bicycle keychains are carefully cleaned.