About the products…

1. How and what are the products made of? We try to work with recycled materials as much as possible. We use: chainlinks, bicycle tyres, recycled leather and metal. The bracelets, belts, keyrings and robots are all made individually and by hand . T-shirts and badges are manufactured, but of course all the designs are our own ideas.

2. How unique the products are? We wouldn’t be able to produce them in mass. There are some products of which we can only make one item, because of the feature of the used material. Recycled materials-by their nature- are only enough to create a limited number of stuff. The items requested in a special size and colour are obviously unique. The robots are simply unrepeatable.

3. So don’t I get the one, which is in the picture? We have unique products, we can’t go to the shop and buy 30 kilos of wornout tyre to create bracelets, so the answer is: no. We strive to produce similar ones, but we have product types instead. If there is something that we can’t produce in any variation anymore, we indicate that in the product description. If you manage to overtake us anyway, we will inform you in the confirmation e-mail.

4. How durable are our products? Under normal circumstances all our products are durable. We are wearing them as well.

5. How do I get to know what my bracelet/belt size is? If it is a bracelet wrap something smooth around your wrist (thread), roll it out and measure it. It is usually between 16-24 cm. Don’t allow for it, we will do that. If  it’s a belt the easiest thing is to measure one of your existing belts and compare to that.

6.How can I find what I am looking for? If you know the name, simply type it in the search engine in the up-right corner. If you don’t then choose among the categories and subcateories on the left. It isn’t worth waiting for the opening page as the products appear randomly on that.

7. What if I want something else? Write a mail to info@felvarrom.hu , we can talk about it.


About payment…

1. How can I pay? You can choose among the payment methods below:

- PayPal: It is the easiest and the fastest. If you choose this option, you can pay to our PayPal account  from your Paypal using your credit card.  We always wait for your money to arrive before posting your order.

2. VAT invoice? If you get your order delivered you will get a VAT invoice anyway. It's neccesary both of us.

3. Why do I have to pay on PayPal in advance? You don’t pay in advance. You pay for what you have bought and we will send it. Full stop.


About delivery...

1. Where do we deliver? Anywhere in the world.

2. How much does the delivery cost and how long does it take? It depends on what and how much you order. The overall size and weight of the products determine if it is more practical and economical to send the prey by registered post or as a standard parcel. Prices of delivery given on the order surface apply to standard parcels up to 20 kgs. We always try to choose the most appropriate, cheapest and fastest method, if we can find something more appropriate we will inform you about it. The delivery time includes the manufacturing of the product as well, in case we don’t have it in stock. Should there be any delays because of the preparation of the loot, you will be sent an e-mail.

3. Methods of delivery?  We send registered, well wrapped postal mails, using Hngarian Post, you can get them at the post office of from the postman.

4. What are the delivery fees? How long does it take for the parcel to arrive? Please check the Delivery info!


About cleaning…

Tyres always benefit from being creamed with an oily cream (blue Nivea) and polished witha smooth brush. You can treat the products made from inner tubes the same way. Stuff made of metal should not touch water, it they do wipe them with a cloth until they are dry. The oily cream is perfect for leather stuff, you should cream them from time to time. Inner tube belts can be washed at 30 degrees with your clothes whenever their edges get dirty, but snap the buckle off.


About the potential problems…

1. I don’t dare to order! We can’t do anything with this. Check out the wonderful photos in our Flickr gallery and like us on Facebook, and see: there are real people behind this website, who push the big black farmbike of Felvarrom. There you can get info about which market, event or flea market we will be selling at. If you don’t believe in ordering on the Internet, try our retaliers. Or come to a market where we personally sell, and where you can touch , try, buy and take them home. Be positiveand optimistic.

2. It doesn’t fit me! We bet you haven’t read the 5th point of the „About the products” part. If you have and we made a mistake we always solve it. We are not infallible either.

3. It is supposed to be a gift and I don’t know the size! Write an e-mail to info@felvarrom.hu. We will solve it.

4. I haven’t received my parcel: Unfortunatelly that has already happened. „We lost the parcel”. We made a complaint in every case and resent the loot.


About ordering…

1. Why should I order only one item at once? Because we manufacture each item for unique size.

2. Until when can I edit my order? You can edit your order until we have posted it. (We send you an information e-mail on the day of posting). We send a confirmation e-mail, the deadlines will be modified of course.

3. When do I get my stuff? Usually we prepare and send them in a week. The exact deadline will be sent in the confirmation e-mail. From then on, it depends on you or the speed of delivery.

4. How can I order? To purchase items using our Cart, simply follow the steps listed below:

a) First, you have to select the product you want to order. Please make a wise decision, we have lots of amazing items!

b) All needed information (eg. wrist or waist diameter) about the selected item must be filled!

c) Choose how much do you need from the item.

d) Click ADD TO CART.

e) The product will be added to your chart, you can CONTINUE shopping, or View Cart.

f) In you Cart all of your orders are summed up, you can go back shopping or Proceed to Checkout. If you are ready choose Proceed.

g) In the Checkout all required information must be given so that we can fill your order.

h) Select paying and delivery method as well. Right now you can pay using your Paypal or credit card to our Paypal. Your order wont be shipped until the funds have cleared in our account.

i) Do not forget to click the ORDER button!

With ordering from us you agreed our Terms of Contract.

You are to get a confirmation in email in 24 hours. We will review your order personally, no automatic reply. In case of need we ask our questions in the confirmation contact.


Thanks! Anything else you need?

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