"Love to give new life for waste bicycle parts through our own hands. Every item is a little birth."

László Szabó, Founder and CEO

I'm a fanatic Felvarrom believer, since the brand was a small dump at a room's corner in 2008. Since than I always think, invent and learn how to increase, my motivation is a strong feeling wrong decisions isn't exist just I'm not enough smart to reach my goals yet. Work in Budapest, live in Leányfalu as husband, father of a boy and cyclist.


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You find history here. Every belt, bag or purse has scratches, patches, even skids. They had life, saw smiles, tears, broken bones and sunny cruising. That's why we love to work with them, transform a little past to a new opportinuty and joy.
Felvarrom (meaning “I’ll stitch it up”) established some time around the middle of 2008, from the cooperation of Lakatos Márton, Péter Szabó and László Szabó. Ownerships changed since the years, now László Szabó owns the brand.
Since 2008 Felvarrom always growing, now 5 collegues work for turning thrown-out parts to beautiful and useful items at Budapest, Hungary. We collect used bicycle parts and materials from individuals, local bike shops and services, sort and clean them one-by-one. We are resolute in keeping our whole making process sustainable and environmental-friendly. For cleaning bio-degradable substances are used. Remaining materials are also dealt with eco-consciously, deposited selectively at the proper dump. 
By buying our products, you help to reduce environmental pollution.

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