Save our Earth together - your huge support needed!

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Sadly there is much more wornout bicycle tires and tubes we could take to the recycling facility.

With your huge help we would collect and recycle: 

~ 20 pieces of used tires

~ 15 kg (33 Lb) of punctured inner tubes

~ 5 kg of oily and rusty bicycle metal parts.


Great help for a small amount, isn't it? Do something for our Earth today, support us now! 

(and follow us on Facebook to check our fully packed van with used bicycle parts going for recycling)


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It's a donation for Felvarrom to keep up our work - collect and recycle wornout bicycle parts. 

The price refers to one piece, VAT is included.

So what will I get for 3 EUR?
Lots of trash savings. Have you ever thrown out a tire? Yup, thousands done that also. We will save our Planet from that polluting wornout tires. 

So nothing?
Few minutes of proudness on yourself. Few indirectly saved cute pandas. Cleaner Earth for your son. Enough?

Seems too much things recycling for just 3 EUR?
Yup, seems like. If you bring 17 tonnes to the local recycling plant prices would be different for you also. 

Free Worldwide Shipping

As priority, registered postal mail, for every item, for all over the world. We do not charge any hidden fees (handling, wrapping etc.), and we do not rise the price depending on the weight or amount of your order. Moreover tracking number always provided, transparency worth for us.

60 Days Free Return

Don't get what expected? Don't like the color? No problem, send it back for us within 60 days, to this address: László Szabó, 2016 Leányfalu, Hermányhegyi u. 3 Hungary. Please inform us before dispatch the parcel. You would choose an other item or be refunded after the returned item arrived to us!

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It usually takes 1-2 workdays to make the ordered products and to assemble the parcel, counting from the day of the order. Parcels are dispatched as soon as possible, in case of an unexpected delay (illness, national celebrations etc), you’ll be informed immediately.


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