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Custom length inner tube belts, made of recycled, upcyled bicycle inner tubes.

Biketube Belts, Made of Reclaimed BikeTubes! Special Gift for Cyclists, with Free WorldWide Delivery and Free Bag! Handmade, Eco-friendly Present for Cyclists!

14 color combinations, zero stretching,  All of the tubes we collected are cleaned, this belt won’t stain your pants.

Men's inner tube belt made of recycled bicycle biketube with buckle. Ideal vegan gift for: him or her, father or dad!

All our inner tube belts are made from carefully selected, high-quality, reclaimed / recycled bicycle inner tubes, with colourful linen tapes sewn on the side by our own hands.

Reclaimed Bicycle inner tubes are sustainable, vegan and eco-friendly alternative to leather, it will be lovely smooth and shiny over time

Every belt has text from the inner tube manufacturer or a puncture fixing patch on it’s surface, so all different and unique. 

Besides the extremely durability these biketube belts are very soft and doesn’t stretch. All of the tubes we collected are cleaned, this belt won’t stain your pants.

The strong flip-top buckle is adjustable, not need holes, and doesn’t hurt the surface of the inner tube or the strips.

We always send tracking number in the shipping confirmation.

Width: About 40 mm / 1.3 inch Length: uniquelly for your waist or 135 cm / 53 inch with shortening guide to cut by yourself Weight: About 250 g, depending on length

Sustainable, vegan & handsewn inner tube belts with FREE pouch!

Their price includes a FREE pouch made of recycled inner tubes also, usable for glasses (sunglasses) / tobacco / tool / tissue holder.

A small Felvarrom trademark is sewn on the end of the belt.

We can send you a 5 step shortening guide how to cut the belt at home, just scissors and a lighter required (so suggest to order a longer).

We handmade all inner tube belts in Budapest.

Ships Worldwide from Hungary. 


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