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🤔It's time to 🔢settle.
No, not with our 🤕sins, they count it 👼upstairs / 👿down there.
🙅‍♂️No, we don't 💸owe you, but we appreciate your invoice making skills in Photoshop!♥️
🕵️‍♂️By the way, in 2019, we 🚚took a lot of used 🚲bicycle inner tubes to the local ♻️recycling 🏭plant, about 5166 piece. 😲That's much, even from 🍛dumpling.😀
(yes, "only" so much, Laci has been a 🌱houseplant for 3 months due to 💊injury, 🤞promise, we'll do better in 2020!)💪💪💪
⚠️Time to check our sustainability report, back to 2008 here:


number we took to the recycling facility


#upcycling #biketube #rbicycle


Thanks! Anything else you need?

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