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📢Okay, many of you wanted it. 😯Surprising info: made of ♻upcycled 🚲biketube. 👝Basically a midsize pouch - you can use a makeup bag, can hold 📄papers, 🛂passport, 🚬tobacco / pipe, 💰money, 🔑keys, 💳credit card or even handkerchiefs! 🚀Available in ◼black, ♦red, 🔴orange, 🔵blue, 🍏green, ⛺yellow and 💋pink. 
20 cm / 7.9 inch wide and 16 cm / 6.3 inch high 🙌Yeah and since it is the first March 29th of the year the price is 29.90 EUR😎😋

SacTube makeup bag from recycled bicycle inner tube by Felvarrom



Thanks! Anything else you need?

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