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Do you know Get A-Head Charitable Trust? They help those fighting head & neck diseases/cancers. They are AMAZING! Events & restless work since years!
On Tuesday afternoon a special request arrived from #getaheadcharity , they needed #purple #keyholders. LOTS of purple keyholders. ASAP.
Done our best, rolled up our workshop, changed all production queue to finish all, and on Wednesday all keyholders dispatched, Thursday afternoon arrived. First contact +2 days => Arrived. 
Sure it was worth the haste - Get A-Head Charity! Keep fightin'! #dhlhungary - thanks for your help! (If you could done anything for those fighting head & neck diseases/cancers don't hesitate to help ---> http://getahead.org.uk  or #getaheadharity)

Purple Felvarrom keyholders
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Thanks! Anything else you need?

added to wishlist success.