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💡Basically, our goals are #sustainability and 🌳#environmental awareness, and to these ideas fix things fits in perfectly, instead replace them. But yesterday we didn't start #repair a laptop in the 🚗car. 🚧It happened exactly as everything go wrong: it was still working yesterday. After 20 minutes the 💡feeling comes: whether the rest of the day will be about 🔍looking for ASAP laptop repair shops or 🔧DIY repair.
The plan was simple: disassemble, assemble and fingers crossed. (Lied, really the plan was to throw it to the ground jump over it but that would have been too expensive ...) Well, it wasn't a laptop repair workshop environment, and two screws are left out (oh, who cares?) - but it WORKS.😵😱😯😁😁 🍻Hurray!🎉🎆 #laptoprepair

Laptop repair


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