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🎄Last Christmas🎄we were full of work - hard times were spiced up with freedoms, 😷illnesses and child 👼births.
😱As it turned out, we had an order we fulfilled, but we didn't ask for the payment 🤗😁 (Oh, we see the glowing eyes but beleieve me there isn't any 100% off sale we just screwed up😋)
🤔When realized 🖊wrote a quick mail, and the customer was an 🎆extra-super nice: she paid for the package🎉
🆗OK, but what about this pink 🖊pen holder in the picture? Being satisfied with the 🎄Christmas product, he asked us for a unique pink pencase that we made for her with ♥pleasure!


Upcycled pen case pencil holder from bike tube by Felvarrom


Thanks! Anything else you need?

added to wishlist success.