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😎We receive many special requests, for example, S. from the 🇬🇧UK wanted a belt labeled with "Bontrager"...
👁We were looking for biketube for 1⃣ 📅month until we finally found one and sewed a belt. Than received this letter:

Hello Laci
Just wanted to say how impressed I am with my new belt. 
I have worn it out for dinner the day I got it and have been wearing it to work every day since. 
Fantastic belt. 
It replaces the belt my Grand father hand crafted for me 25 years ago. 
Could I please order another belt. 
This I will keep for best. 
Could it be another Bontrager inner tube (when you get one) and also in a different colour - only so I can have a different colour option. Again in the largest size you do. 
Loving this belt." 🙌💞😎Wow we are sooo proud! ❗If you have any unique requests, don't hold it back❗


Special bontrager inner tube will be a biketube belt


Thanks! Anything else you need?

added to wishlist success.